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The Ten Thousand Dollar Choking Hazard

Lauren: Did you know the Algonquin hotel in NY now offers a $10,000 martini? Yeah.

Heather: Whoa

Lauren: It has a LOOSE DIAMOND in the bottom of it.

Lauren: Hello, expensive choking hazard.

Heather: And... You get to keep it?

Lauren: Ha, yeah. You actually have to go pick it out first - you have to order the drink 72 hours in advance, and it comes with security escorting it to your table.

Heather: That's hilarious

Lauren: Isn't it?

Heather: "And will that be well vodka, or do you have a preference?"

Lauren: HAHAHA

Heather: I would pay someone good money to go in there and order the $10,000 martini with, like, the cheapest vodka in it known to man.

Lauren: That would be fantastic.

Heather: Well, okay, not really, because I�d have to pay them, $10,000

Lauren: "I�ll have the Vons brand vodka, please."

Heather: "Do you have Ralph's?"

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